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We offer you the most flexible office space at great prices in Istanbul Business Area (Taksim / Beyoglu) with all the expertise needed (lawyer, accountancy, consulting, etc…) in the same place !

Our fully equipped offices (1 to 4 person offices) provide an ideal solution for the commercial operations of your company, subsidiaries, expats...

Our 300 m2 business centre offers teamworkspaces, a conference room and office accommodation services. It is the largest incubator for overseas companies right in the centre of Istanbul.

Our workspaces located near TAKSIM (European bank) are available for variable durations (one hour, one day, one month or a year).


Our business centre is the ideal solution for the accommodation of your :

- Subsidiary company

- Expatriate

- Commercial team

TURnKEY Serviced Offices are an instant, flexible and easy to utilise office space solution. They offer ready-made offices often fully equipped with furniture, telephone lines, internet access, reception and kitchen facilities. Personnel are usually on hand to provide building and infrastructure support

You are immediately OPERATIONAL. You profit from our daily assistance, you are constantly supported by our team of industry sector experts as well as our French-speaking network: accountants, tax experts, lawyers, solicitors, PR, press and media relations, etc.

You get a complete, professional office environment for one monthly fee.

As well as working in a fully equipped office (furnished office, wireless internet, phone, fax...), your collaborator will quickly find himself / herself in a motivating environment, sitting side by side with collaborators working for other foreign companies.

Our Business Centre includes

Telephone operator and a reception for French, Turkish and English speaking people

Printer, fax machine, scanner and a copying machine

Meeting room

Wifi internet access

Private and secured workstations

Extra hours calls treatment

Computer Technical Service

Availability: 24h/24, 7 days a week.

LAN local network

Full equipped kitchen

Wireless digital phones

Virtual Offices

As part of our services, we provide you VIRTUAL OFFICES. We can offer everything an actual office provides without leasing or renting the actual office space. An address and telephone answering service is utilised to give the impression of actual occupancy in a building with the concept of only 'virtually' being there.

TURNKEY - Serviced Offices in Istanbul Turkey
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Based in Istanbul, TURnKEY is the most prominent service provider dedicated to the development and establishment of foreign companies in Turkey.
We are a French-Turkish team of 6 experts entirely dedicated to the commercialisation of products and services in Turkey.
At the heart of TURnKEY are two French businessmen with unique expertise inTurkey. With one based in Istanbul, the other in Paris, they act in a highly complementary way across the two markets.
Since 2004, TURnKEY has thus guided more than fifty French companies in their operational research for customers, suppliers and partners in the Turkish market.
Our methodology is operational (Management by Objective) and our expertise spans across multiple industry sectors for both products and services.

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